Health & Sports

The EU complements the national health policy and organization of health services in the Member States.


The priorities at European level lie on:  
  • Preventive measures
  • Equal access to health care
  • Cross-border cooperation on health risks
  • Adaption of health care to the needs of the aging society
  • Research and Innovation in health care

Health care

Health care forms an essential part of the social infrastructure of the EU Member States. The ongoing integration of EU countries as well as open borders make cooperation in crisis situations inevitable. The EU Member States work together to combat potential threats to the health of the European citizens, for example, epidemics, the composition of drugs, or obstacles to access health care.

Furthermore, the construction of pan-European research networks helps to improve health care, both in terms of technological advances and the development of new health care products. Another focus lies on preventive measures. These include measures to promote healthier lifestyles. The fight against obesity, alcohol and drug use represent the biggest challenges.


European Health Strategy

In this respect, the EU policy in the field of sports complements the European Health Strategy. Physical activities and sports are central here. As an important part of many European citizens' life, sport is a key element of the programme Erasmus+. The programme promotes the exchange between sport associations and federations on the one hand, and on the other hand, the political dialogue with regard to the transmission of values ​​that are to be conveyed through sport.

The fight against doping is also an important issue in the European sports policy. Member States regularly discuss this issue, and implement measures to prevent doping – on the professional and grass-roots level. By promoting sports, the EU pursues another objective: social integration – in particular for people with special needs, women and migrants. Projects enhancing social inclusion are being supported in this context by the European Social Fund and the European Regional Development Fund.


For more information on EU sport policies, please consult the website of DG SPORT. For more information on EU health policies, please consult the website of DG HEALTH AND FOOD SAFETY